Pugacheva may not return: Guberniev suddenly became the new Primadonna

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Serious “import substitution” has made its own adjustments.

The move from Russia by Alla Pugacheva was a blow to the Russians: she was a prima donna who could not be found right away. But now it seems she can’t buy a return ticket home.

Alla Borisovna, having become a citizen of Israel, does not rush to her homeland – it is not known when she will again pay attention to Russia. However, the star suddenly had a “competitor”: photos of the one who would become a contender to replace the performer began to circulate on the Internet.

Lush curly hair and ponchos – it seems that the stars have a lot in common. Double Pugacheva was Dmitry Guberniev in a wig. Fans vied with each other to compare him to Primadonna after the publication of a comical photo on Telegram with a playful caption “went to the hairdresser.”

Screenshot “Dmitry Guberniev” / Telegram

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Alina Kippari

Source: Popcorn News