Ceramides: where do you find the ingredient that most moisturizes the skin in the fall?

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They moisturize, prevent dry skin and protect the dermis, strengthening the skin barrier. We’re talking ceramides, one of the star ingredients for this time of year that you’ll want to look for in the cosmetics you use from now on.

How do they act? Ceramides are intercellular lipids that occur naturally in the skin. They have the function of connecting the skin cells to prevent drying of the tissues, act as a ‘cement’ that holds them together. If the number of ceramides starts to decrease (something that happens over time or if poor facial hygiene is maintained), the skin becomes much drier and tighter, less elastic, juicier and duller. “If the levels of ceramides are not right, the skin can become dry, irritated or wrinkled,” explains Gisela Bosque, Sephora National Makeup Artist. “Ceramides are responsible for protecting the skin from external influences such as pollution or UV rays from the sun. They prepare it to fight low temperatures and prevent redness and irritation,” says the expert. “They stimulate retention of moisture by deeply hydrating and strengthening the skin at the external level, where the skin is most sensitive to temperature fluctuations and external aggressions, in addition, they provide softness, comfort and well-being to the skin,” emphasizes Gisela. Ceramides also affect the health of the capillaries, as they are also found in the hair: when it is drier, lacking strength and shine, and with the ends open, is when the level of ceramides is usually much lower.

Do you now understand why these connections are so important? There are different types of ceramides, which are divided into type I, II, III ceramides… In cosmetics, type III ceramides are more often found in the ingredient list of many beauty products that are intended to moisturize, soothe and restore deep skin. Interested in knowing some of the best cosmetics with ceramides? Look out for this selection that will come in handy at this time of year. Don’t miss them!

Source: Marie Claire