Here are the color trends that will set the tone for this autumn-winter 2022

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Does the arrival of autumn make you want to change your look? Here’s something to inspire you for your next exam!

When summer is over, the start of the school year is often seen as a time of renewal and change. And it can also be seen on the hair, which often benefits from a small (or large) scissors and / or a shine with the creation of a scan, shaded or tone-on-tone coloring. To inspire your next color moment, we’ve found the latest trends for you. And there is something for everyone!

The strawberry red color brightens up this autumn-winter

As every year, autumn gives pride of place to different warm (and sometimes gaudy) shades of red. For 2022, the trend is towardscoppery, enhanced by cold red reflections which give it a gourmet air of strawberry jam.

A trend that has the advantage of adapting to a large number of complexions, from light complexions with pink undertones to black complexions.

© Franck Provost Fall Winter 2022 Collection

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Monochromatic coloring, the minimalist trend for this autumn-winter

If the highly worked colors continue to be in vogue, this autumn-winter minimalism is also honored with the advent of monochrome trend. As celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook explains to the magazine InStyleit’s a style ” where the color is the same from root to tip “.

A chic and easy-care look that allows you to find a shade close to your natural color, with greater brightness.

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Warm-toned bronde is back this fall-winter

According to colorist Chris Weber, interviewed by the magazine UK charmwarm tones will be everywhere [cette fin d’année]including honey, gold, caramel and brown undertones “. They are worked in thin locks on a chestnut base to give shine to the hair but also to the face.

The ideal trend to change your look without touching your roots.


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Beige blonde, the most chic color of the season

This fall-winter, blonde takes on haute couture looks with the trend Blond tweed. To the magazine UK charmcolorist Jordanna Cobella describes it as ” a neutral and natural blond, with cold and warm tones that blend to create a very harmonious result “A flattering, multidimensional color for light complexions that come out of summer.

For the record, this coloring and sweeping technique gets its name from the effect of crossing the wicks in contrasting tones, reminiscent of the weaving of the famous fabric originating in Scotland.

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Front page image Photo credit: © Franck Provost Fall Winter 2022/23 collection

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