These organic shampoos are all you need to restore your hair after summer’s indulgences

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Our hair, just like our skin, needs an extra dose care after the summer In summer, hair can deteriorate more due to several factors: direct sun exposure, high temperatures, sweat, sea salt or chlorine in swimming pools, resulting in a rougher, dull, dull, brittle hair and the appearance of split ends. All these aggressions mean that when September arrives (and the return to routine) we must make an urgent visit to the hairdresser and use hair cosmetics that heal hair and restore vitality. This is where organic products come into play. Do you know everything an organic shampoo can do for your hair? There are many benefits that these products provide to our hair.

  • They provide shine and vitality. By not including silicones or artificial ingredients in their formula, the shampoos provide shine, strength and softness, while removing impurities and repairing the damage caused by summer excesses.
  • They provide extra hydration without adding fat. They also manage to moisturize and nourish the hair, reduce dryness and control excess oil production.
  • They counteract the damage caused by products containing chemicals. If you have abused dyes, lacquers, gels, jellies or keratin, a natural shampoo with antioxidant ingredients.

Organic shampoos, of natural origin, without sulfates or parabens, have become our hair’s new ‘beauty’ ally and thanks to the advancements that exist today, there are many companies promoting the change to a more natural and responsible ‘hair care’. For all these reasons, if you are one of those who want to restore that hair for the summer, get more shine and moisturize your hair from the inside, it will be very easy now: choose an organic shampoo. Next one, we propose five options super valid, effective and with which you show the best of your hair.

This nourishing shampoo from Alskin has been developed to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp, while nourishing and regenerating the hair. Contains spirulina, vitamins and proteins that improve health and appearancegives nourishment and shine to the hair.

Natural, revitalizing and refreshing, this is the star shampoo of Fresh, free from sulfates and silicones. The formula has it all and is perfect for normal or oily hair. In addition, it gives shine and strength to your hair and prevents dandruff and irritation. It combines 12 plants and rooibos tea, cleanses the hair, conditions it from the inside and respects the skin barrier. Could it be better?

This shampoo increases the retention of natural moisture while reducing scalp inflammation. This aloe-based shampoo has an anhydrous, silicone-free, organic, natural and sulfate-free composition. In addition, thanks to its formula rich in natural chamomile, this shampoo has a range of unique anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-microbial properties for the hair. Chamomile helps promote healthier hair growth, conditions the scalp while nourishing and strengthening each follicle, stimulating the growth of healthier, stronger and thicker hair.

The 100% GREEN shampoo from Nuggela & Sulé It will have to be your new hair. Formulated with a rich and potent combination of natural active ingredients with marine and plant proteins fortified with FO-TI extract (He Shou Wu), This shampoo strengthens and improves the volume of your hair. Recommended for all hair types, this shampoo also aids in hair regeneration.

Deep care‘s hair repair line Technic, is the solution you are looking for. The entire ritual aims to reconstruct, nourish, strengthen and increase the hair’s resistance with extra hydration. Gives the softness and level of natural hydration optimal for your hair and Get up to 35% more hair resistance. The restorative shampoo strengthens the hair’s internal bridges while repairing and deeply nourishing.

Source: Marie Claire