10 affordable mascaras, among which you will find your ideal

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A good mascara, like the perfect shade of red lipstick, is something many have been looking for for years. Some prioritize rich colors and a comfortable brush, while others prioritize a natural result and a vegan composition. But what will please everyone equally is the budget. We decided to save you not only money but also time, that’s why we’ve rounded up quality mascaras at affordable prices.

Volume Express Colossal, Maybelline New York

Mascara Volume Express Colossal, Maybelline New York, 640 p.

The absolute best seller from the brand is Lash Sensational mascara in a pink pearl pack. Last year, the brand released its updated version with the addition of Sky High. TikTok success paid off and after a few days it was no longer available in any store. But it’s not about him now. You can entrust your lashes to almost anyone, as mascara in general is the main strong point of the American brand. The product in a bright yellow case in the color of spring tulips has everything you need: a patented brush with dense thick bristles that completely cover the lashes, a rich black hue and an affordable price.

Lashes That Killed Catrice

Heat-resistant mascara Lashes to Kill, Catrice, 330 r.

“No more sad panda eyes!” – Shouts the packaging of the new mascara of the German brand. The product promises not to leave marks on the eyelids even in the heat and not to fall apart even during intense workouts. All thanks to the heat-resistant formula that is moisture-proof, yet easily removed with warm water. In the period of the upcoming May rains and the hot summer sun – ideal.

Volume Up, Bourjois

Volume mascara 2 in 1, Bourjois, 885 rub.

Transforming mascara with a rotating brush is a novelty of the French brand. It combs and lengthens the lashes in the uncurled state, giving volume and density when rotated 180 degrees. Apply mascara in two steps for a drama queen effect and use just one brush option for a more natural look.

Femme Fatale, Vivienne Sabo

Mascara with the effect of false eyelashes Femme Fatale, Vivienne Sabo, 444 p.

We won’t argue with the Cabaret mascara legend, but once you go to the online store and see “out of stock”, you start thinking about alternatives. So, about a year ago, the Russian brand (as the name suggests) launched the Femme Fatale line, which includes the means for creating “fatal woman” makeup: permanent lipstick and mascara. Second, it’s a great alternative to the iconic Cabaret. In order not to overdo it with the effect of “spider legs”, it should be applied more carefully and better in one coat.

Lump Defy, Max Factor

Mascara False Lash Effect Lump Defy, Max Factor, 929 R.

Max Factor (the brand’s founder) created the first mascara prototype in 1914. Later the tool was called “cosmetics for creating drops in the eyes” and looked like black wax. It was melted first, then applied to the ends of the eyelashes. Modern carcasses of the brand are distinguished by a rich shade and comfortable brushes. This silicone has dense hairs, thanks to which the lashes are evenly colored and do not stick together.

“Black Moscow”, RBG

Mascara “Black Moscow”, RBG, 919 rub.

By the way, Natasha Rakoch was behind the creation of the same Cabaret mascara. She also founded the beauty brand RBG (Russian Beauty Guru) a few years ago. And, of course, one of the first means of the brand was mascara, which is now called “Black Moscow”. It has a rich shade, a comfortable brush that separates the hairs and gives them volume, and the perfect gothic design.

Paradise Extatic, L’Oreal

Mascara Paradise Extatic, L’Oréal, 369 R.

The French brand has a wide range of mascaras and their quality has been proven over the years. We remember when everyone was crazy about Volume Million Lashes, but the bestseller has a more budget-friendly counterpart – Paradise Extatic. Mascara has a soft and lush brush, with which you can give impressive volume to the eyelashes, and the formula is supplemented with castor oil – it moisturizes the eyelashes and protects them from brittleness.

Eyelash Extension

Mascara Lash Extension, Beautiful, 284 R.

Not so long ago, we found out about the brand ourselves, with a girlish name and bright packaging. In terms of price and quality, it resembles the German brand Essence, but is not yet very well known. The brand specializes in decorative cosmetics (from blush to pencil eyeshadow), but we decided on the classic mascara. It has a silicone curved brush that curls the lashes like a curler. Also, mascara can be safely layered and not afraid of lumps.

Stylist Series, Makeup Paris

Mascara Stylist Series, Makeup Paris, 749 p.

The French brand’s color cosmetics are known for their minimalist, luxury-inspired designs – black packaging, subtle white lettering and gold accents. That’s why when you see mascara, you want to try it right away. The product has an oval fluffy brush on which there is always enough product. When applied to the lashes, it leaves a light and natural coating. Those who like thick lush eyelashes will not like it, but those who like a clear parting and a natural finish – absolutely.

Mascara 99 Faber

Mascara 99, Faberlic, 399 р.

The novelty of another Russian brand on our list is the It’s Clear line. All products in the series meet modern values ​​- environmentally friendly packaging, vegan composition, no animal testing and hypoallergenic ingredients. The mascaras in this collection are 99% natural, including conditioning ones like nourishing argan oil. The texture is well layered without forming lumps and the brush separates and lengthens the lashes. Meanwhile, its fibers are made from biodegradable crystallized castor oil, which is a sustainable alternative to plastic.

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