7 cosmetic products you should not take with you on holiday

7 cosmetic products you should not take with you on holiday
7 cosmetic products you should not take with you on holiday

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One thing we know for sure: SPF cream is the most important thing on vacation. However, lipsticks, eyeliners and blushes in various shades can definitely be waiting for you at home. You can find many checklists on the internet regarding the cosmetics you should take with you on vacation. However, we decided to make your preparations easier and prepared a list of cosmetics that you should definitely not take with you on vacation.

Vitamin C Serum

The air temperature in the luggage compartment of an airplane is quite low. Therefore, it is better not to take products with unstable components such as retinol, peptides, vitamins C and A in your bag. They can deteriorate or lose their properties due to sudden temperature changes. You can take such cosmetics with you in your hand luggage (if the volume of the bottle does not exceed 100 ml), or even leave them at home until you return.

Body fat

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Another product that can be a victim of temperature changes is butter or solid body oil. Thick oil products should not be stored in the cold because their texture can transform under the influence of low temperatures. And with it, the effectiveness of the product will also decrease. It is better to take lotion or cream in a soft tube with you or buy it on the spot.

Skin cleansing

The main purpose of all peels and acids is to exfoliate dead skin particles. That’s why active ingredients are added to their formulas – acids, retinol or enzymes. They not only renew the skin, but also increase its photosensitivity (i.e. sensitivity to sunlight). Therefore, when using such products, SPF cream is your faithful friend. The more sensitive your skin becomes to sunlight, the more likely you are to burn and burn faster. And it is unlikely that you will be able to avoid sunbathing on vacation. Therefore, the best option is to stop using such products at least two weeks before the trip and not take them with you.

New cosmetics

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First of all, changing climate zones and flying are already stressful for the skin. Therefore, leave it at least something familiar – cosmetics. Secondly, if the products are new, you do not know how the skin will react to them. Why tempt fate once again with rashes and reactions when there are already proven and reliable remedies?

Eyeshadow palette

It is also not a good idea to take fragile eyeshadow palettes with you. First of all, you will most likely only wear makeup once. Secondly, palettes (blush or shadow) can crack and shatter during transportation. So if you put them in your bag, only put them in your hand luggage. Our option is to take a creamy analog of blush, contouring and eyeshadow. For example, in stick format or in packaging that is not dangerous for transportation.

Perfume in glass bottle

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A heavy glass perfume bottle is not the best occupant of your purse. It can break or leak, especially if there are other glass jars next to the bottle. Your best bet is to buy a miniature version of your perfume or pour the perfume into an atomizer.

Full size cosmetic packaging

This applies more to body creams, shampoos and washes. They will take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Therefore, we recommend pouring your favorite product into a separate small bottle or purchasing a set of miniatures in advance;

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