17 best products for curly hair, according to lucky owners

17 best products for curly hair, according to lucky owners
17 best products for curly hair, according to lucky owners

Curly hair is a gift, not a curse. Although some owners don’t think so. This is because curly hair is porous. That is, the cuticle scales fit unevenly together, so the hair often becomes frizzy, tangled, and split. But is that a reason not to love them? Of course not! It is enough just to find suitable cosmetic products.

For this, we turned to real experts on curls, their owners. Therefore, below you will find 17 products for curly hair that will not only make life with porous hair easier, but also allow you to love it with renewed vigor.

Anton Bystryakov,

actor, presenter, blogger “Kudri TV”

My hair is dry and frizzy. They need a rich conditioner and more water when washing their hair. But I didn’t realize this right away and started doing my due diligence a long time ago. It helped to get to know the “curly method” from the girls on “Just Go.” These are St. These are salons for curly-haired people in St. Petersburg and Moscow. At home, I use the line consisting of shampoo, leave-in and leave-in conditioner, and styling cream for more textured curls. But of course, not all of these in one sitting. It all depends on where and why I need a clean head and curls. For example, I wear a bun now. But for a theatrical performance or filming, afro and texture are needed.

Natalya Orlova,


I didn’t immediately fall in love with my hair, but only when I realized how to care for it and that I shouldn’t comb it dry, on the contrary, I need to give it plenty of moisture; After coming to the dance and seeing a good curly hair stylist, I completely accepted myself. My hair is thick, long and quite unruly. They start to blend together the very next day after I wash them, so ideally I need to freshen them every day. Due to the large amount of training, I wash my hair every three days (although I could do it once a week). And yes, it takes me about an hour to do everything.

There are two of my favorites. The Curl Expression spray that L’Oreal Professionnel uses to revitalize and repair curls smells delicious and makes my renewal more enjoyable. And cream for curly hair “Procurls”. Since it was oily and thick, it fascinated me with its size and very low consumption. It is also very valuable that this brand considers and numbers each jar according to the care phase – this is suitable for those who are new to the curling method.

Kira Kuznetsova,

beauty director, editor-in-chief of The Fashion Vibes

I have a natural, soft curl that I often “twist” with stylers. Even though I constantly dye my hair, it has become quite moist and porous because I haven’t bleached it for a long time. They are also thick. Yes, you can be jealous.

Curls start with washing your hair, which is why I always choose shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. My choice now is the Curly series of the AlterEgo brand. I can load you with its composition, but I will say this: the shampoo rinses and does not dry, I apply the conditioner using the Curly method (starting from the ends and pressing my fingers towards the roots) and do not rinse vigorously, but let my hair soak up the conditioner a little. So I approach drying with already dense and moist curls. This means the products work.

Polina Leontyeva,

beauty journalist, influencer

I discovered the curl method in 2019 and started a curl blog around the same time, so I think I’ve tried all the popular products. My favorite now is the BeCurly Flexy gel: it doesn’t weigh down my curls, it doesn’t frizz, it gives smoothness and holds it in place very securely (it holds it better than other guys in the industry, even in a humid environment).

I apply BeCurly Volume Curl mousse directly over the gel to add volume, light texture and extra curl. Somehow it manages to maintain volume at the roots longer than others. It can also be worn alone; It has medium grip, which is rare in foams.

The finishing touch for me is the BeCurly Sea Curl salt spray. I apply it to wet hair before blow drying, and to dry hair to add texture and hold curls. My curls get over-moisturized easily, so they need some drying, and this spray does just that.

Vika Zakaryan,

model, blogger, SMM expert

I think my main highlight is my naturally incredibly thick curls. But it wasn’t always like this. I hated my hair, seeing it as “straw” because it was extremely dry, porous and frizzy. It was a huge challenge accompanied by tears every time I washed my hair; I couldn’t control my unruly hair. As I grew older, I fell in love with every inch of my body, especially my curls, and found an approach to my untamable hair.

I have tried many products for curly hair and I can choose one favorite that no hairstyle can do without. Thanks to this CinCin’s strong hold gel, my curls are very structured, flexible and airy. It doesn’t weigh the hair down but at the same time textures each curl beautifully. Hair does not frizz for a long time and looks beautiful.

And remember: curls are a gift and your pride!

Leah Cooperman,

Editor of the The Fashion Vibes telegram channel

I have extremely dry and unruly hair that is impossible to comb without crying and is sometimes equally difficult to style. But thank God, I have products that make hair care easier.

Shampoo and conditioner Love Curl, Davines. They moisturize well and preserve natural curls, so the hair does not become frizzy after these products. With conditioner, you can easily comb your strands right in the shower – and by the way, this is the only time I comb them.

Mousse Bed Head Foxy Curls, Tigi. The product for creating curls after washing your hair prevents your hair from frizzing and fixes the natural curl well. But you need to be careful with the amount, you may overdo it.

Cream Bed Head Foxy Curls, Tigi. It creates curls more softly and naturally and does not leave a sticky layer.

Katya Lando,

beauty editor The Fashion Vibes

I didn’t have curls since birth, but I got them when I went for a bio-perm when I was 22. And now I have been the happy owner of curly hair for almost a year. Curls have brought many changes to my life, especially the bathroom: While my hair care routine used to include a maximum of four products, now that number has doubled. I have tried gels, mousses, mousses, sprays and much more to try all kinds of contouring. And I’m ready to present my favorites.

My styling assistant is Curly Method gel for curly hair. I apply it after all treatments (including shampoo, mask, conditioner and rinse spray), shake my hair well and dry it in the diffuser. The curls are dense, clearly defined and come out with a plaster (that is, a shell), which I break down. But let’s get back to the topic of maintenance. Previously, I used a hair mask depending on my mood. But after bio-perm, the hair became dry and therefore began to need more nutrition. I now apply the mask once or twice a week and see how my hair becomes softer and more manageable.

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