The most beautiful looks of the stars at the Met Gala 2024: Sydney Sweeney with her pearlescent skin and Rita Ora with her “wet” style

That night, the Met Gala was traditionally held in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The theme of the night: Sleeping Beauties: Fashion Reawakening. But we’re definitely not talking about Disney princesses here, but archival outfits that are so fragile they can only be worn once.

The The Fashion Vibes fashion department has already compiled its personal ranking of the Meta Gala’s best fashion looks. Spoiler: There really were a lot of them. And traditionally we have prepared the best beauty looks for you. And yes, we tried to control ourselves because this time there was so much beautiful makeup and hairstyles.

One of our favorites was Sydney Sweeney’s unusual transformation. For the first time, the star appeared with her hair in a new shade, and her skin resembled an iridescent pearl. And this year Rita Ora won the award for best “wet” style.

Pamela Anderson looked truly gorgeous. She chose to wear make-up with a soft, shiny and romantic hairstyle. Model Vittoria Ceretti also took the side of minimalism. She appeared with her hair pulled back and silver eye make-up.

We’ve rounded up even more gorgeous looks from the stars at the Met Gala for you below.

Source: People Talk

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