5 trends in wedding hairstyles: low bun and ballet

Traditionally, the busiest period for weddings occurs during the warm spring and summer months. However, preparations begin long before the celebration. After all, everything should be ideal, from the length of the dress to the size of the curls. It is the latter that we will talk about today.

Wedding hair style, just like makeup, has its leaders that exist regardless of trends. The makeup is definitely nude, and the hairstyles feature curls. However, knowing current trends, you can reinterpret the classics and bring something new to it.

Wedding hairstyles this season were heavily influenced by the aesthetics of balletcore, clean girl and fashion month designer shows. Therefore, the most popular trends in hairstyles have become soft glamorous curls, a shiny bun and complementing them with satin ribbons and bows.

low bun

Georgia Fowler. Photo: social networks
Emily Lindmark. Photo: social networks

The bun is considered a classic in wedding hairstyles. Moreover, its pronunciation changes from year to year. A few years ago, a high bun with volume at the roots was popular. And now girls are increasingly choosing a low, sleek bun in supermodel style for their wedding looks.

And of course this couldn’t happen without the influence of the popular clean girl aesthetic. A smooth bun is one of the pieces of the puzzle from which the image of a “pure” girl is formed. And as a wedding hairstyle it is ideal for many reasons. First of all, a smooth bun does not attract attention, so it does not distract from make-up and clothes. Secondly, the hairstyle makes the image well-groomed and tidy.

Soft glamorous curls

Alesya Kafelnikova / Photo: social networks

Hollywood’s clearly structured curls, popular only a few years ago, are giving way to more romantic and slightly careless ones. These curls are still a red carpet look, but they have so much more life. Therefore, if you want to make your image less rigid, more spontaneous and airy, you should definitely take a closer look at this hairstyle.

Accessories in the style of ballet music

Ariana Grande. Photo: social networks
Photo: social networks

Perhaps balletcore is one of the few trendy aesthetics that harmoniously fits into the wedding style. Balletcore successfully combines femininity and comfort. That’s why ballerinas’ style makes fashion influencers and street style heroes fall in love with it. And now the combination of bows and satin ribbons with sports-style clothes does not cause contradictions. And even more so in wedding style. Therefore, buy satin ribbons and bows and decorate your collected hair with them. Like Ariana Grande once did.

half down hair

Anya Taylor-Joy. Photo: social networks
Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse. Photo: social networks

Another wedding hairstyle that will never go out of fashion is half-layered hair. The top layer of strands is usually collected, but the rest of the hair continues to lie naturally. One of the advantages of this hairstyle is its versatility. It suits everyone equally regardless of hair texture and thickness.

Additionally, you can experiment with this – for example, curl your loose hair or choose a hairpin with pearls as an accessory (by the way, pearls are the trend of the season).

french curls

Photo: social networks
Margaret Qualley. Photo: legion-media.ru

If you could not resist and still made a fashionable short bob and you do not have enough hair length for the above hairstyles, do not despair. You can always opt for messy curls like Margaret Qualley did at her wedding. Or straighten your hair and get a smooth effect. Here everything will depend on what kind of image you want to create – more romantic or strict and restrained.

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