Put the knives aside: What cosmetic procedures are replacing plastic surgery?

We never exaggerate when we say that modern cosmetology can do anything. Sometimes hardware or injection procedures can be an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. So why go through a long rehabilitation period and lie on the surgeon’s table if there is cosmetology? We talked with Yulia Latypova, a specialist in anti-aging medicine at Olymp Clinic, in which cases plastic surgery can be safely replaced by cosmetology and in which cases it is better to contact a surgeon.

Yulia Latypova, beautician at Olymp Clinic

Let’s start with the fact that any manipulation carried out has its pros and cons. Cosmetology is suitable for those who are not ready to lie on the operating table or have contraindications. Moreover, the competent approach of a beautician helps to delay surgical procedures. But despite the abundance of available techniques, cosmetology is still not omnipotent. Therefore, when choosing one of the two (cosmetology or plastic surgery), you should always focus on your desires and needs. These are things we recommend considering.

leather quality

When working with the quality of the skin – its tone, swelling, wrinkles, scars (including post-acne), color (vascular formations, pigmentation) – cosmetic injection and hardware techniques give excellent results.

— Hyaluronic acid, peptide and amino acid complex, collagen, polylactic acid injections will help tighten, rejuvenate and equalize the tone of the skin.

— IPL rejuvenation hardware procedure (also known as phototherapy) and laser treatment methods will remove vein formations and hyperpigmentation.

— RF lifting will even out skin texture and trigger strong neocollagenogenesis (in other words, thicken the skin).

Surgery is ineffective in these cases.

face oval

The choice in this case directly depends on the degree of deformation of the face oval. In case of minor defects, the problem can be solved with the help of cosmetic procedures. For example SMAS lifting and RF lifting. These techniques will help restore the facial contour, if necessary, reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat in certain areas and correct paint bags. However, if the oval of the face is severely deformed and there is a large amount of skin flap, surgical removal will be more effective.

nose shape

If there are significant deformities, bone deformations or just a strong desire to change the shape of the nose, it is better to trust an experienced surgeon.

facial proportions

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers will help restore lost volume of the face or fill anatomical and genetically determined deficiencies in the cheekbone, chin and temple areas. They will skillfully correct the proportions of the face, and the result will be visible already during the procedure.

drooping eyelid

Eyelid hernias, large skin flaps, anatomically low eyebrows and drooping upper eyelids are corrected most effectively by surgeons.

expression wrinkles

A rather popular and familiar problem for many, nothing more effective than Botox has yet been invented. Here surgery is powerless and meaningless.

In general, the best way to correct age-related changes is to prevent them. There are many cosmetic procedures that help cope with them in the early stages. Therefore, it is very important to consult a specialist in time.

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