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Hats were replaced by wind blowing not just “inwards” but towards the head. It’s time for fly styles, curls, waves, bangs and whatever else your heart desires. But when I go out, I don’t want my hair to turn into something between a crow’s nest and brownie Kuzi’s signature hairstyle. So we made an ingredient where we put together eight products to straighten hair. They’re all on our editors’ bathroom shelves, helping the style withstand even the toughest weather tests. Just like that commercial from the 2000s.

To be honest, we keep this varnish in our editorial cabinet – because it is perfect for going to shows, dinners, galas, etc. in the evenings. It is used by all my colleagues who need to go. Good “stickiness”, lack of a strong odor, and most importantly, its large volume make this varnish a styling star.

Korean brand Confume produces both classic hair sprays and this liquid spray varnish. Ideal for keeping ponytails, wet styles and buns in place by keeping the hair together a little more. Another plus is economical consumption.

Hypoallergenic hairspray? Yes, the Spanish professional brand has one. Due to its minimalist composition and odorlessness, the varnish will not cause a reaction on the skin, and the fixation will be dense but flexible.

But hairsprays aren’t the only ones that can smooth and texture your hairstyle. For example, the pocket format of Holly Polly shampoo will help refresh and “lift” your hair in the most critical situation, “your ex entered the room” – throw it in your bag and use it even in the toilet in a cafe. .

This is an excellent fixative suitable for problematic scalp. Philip Kingsley has specially developed a product that relieves itching and is suitable for skin with dandruff. So you can correct and refresh your hairstyle without damaging the delicate epidermis. Great.

Another pocket product that will save you in bad weather conditions. The spray textures the hair softly and holds both short haircuts and long curls well. Despite its small volume, it is consumed moderately.

A vegan version of the style for those for whom it is important that the hairstyle is not only stable but also ethical. The Stockholm brand also stands out with the importance it attaches to such important details. When it comes to fresh styling, dry shampoo will take care of that too.

Literally needing no introduction, R+CO is a brand that every hair stylist loves and cannot imagine without this dry shampoo. Yes, Death Valley costs a lot, but it’s worth it. Once the styling is fixed, the cleanliness, texture and elasticity of the hair will be at its best.

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