10 best facial cleansing gels

Cleansing is the first stage of the beauty routine and one that is followed even by those who cannot reach the later stages. The effectiveness of the entire care depends on how well the skin is cleansed. Therefore, you need to approach this stage responsibly and choose products that you are confident in. Among the huge number of cleansing products (foams, balms, lotions) we will probably focus on gels. They are suitable for all skin types and do their job perfectly. That is why below we have collected the top 10 products that have proven their effectiveness more than once.

This year, the skin care cosmetics line of the Elena Krygina brand was replenished with two products at once: moisturizing cream and facial cleansing gel. We have already talked many times about our love for the first, and only recently did we manage to try the second. The gel formula contains a complex of gentle surfactants, so it acts very gently, but at the same time effectively removes all kinds of contaminants. After washing, the skin remains soft, smooth and clean. So, as they say, I highly recommend it!

Toleriane series is specially designed for the care of hypersensitive skin prone to allergies. Its products are distinguished by their gentle composition and the presence of soothing ingredients such as panthenol, niacinamide, glycerin in the formula. And the gel was called “micellar” because it can be used simultaneously to remove makeup and remove impurities from the skin of the face. The product has a pleasant gel texture that spreads easily on the face and cleans it thoroughly.

A natural cosmetics brand originally from Morocco was brought to Russia only this year. So, our acquaintance happened quite recently and started with facial cleansing gel. Its formula is based on fruit acids, perhaps one of the most popular varieties and one of the most common types of acids in cosmetics. They work gently but effectively; They exfoliate the skin, even out the tone of the face and dry out existing inflammation. Therefore, they are perfect for combination and oily skin care. So, if you have been wanting to add an acid-containing product to your beauty routine for a long time, you can safely start with a cleansing gel.

French brand Bioderma has a range of products called Sensibio for the needs of sensitive skin. The products inside can be recognized by the pink color of the packaging (and the barbicore trend has nothing to do with it). The washing gel gently cleanses the skin and does not cause allergic reactions or irritation. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone who is afraid to try something new due to capricious skin. Over time, the epidermis becomes less reactive and its condition stabilizes.

For minimalist beauty enthusiasts or those who do not like to multiply jars on the bathroom shelf, there is a universal product in the Babor brand collection – gel tonic. As the name suggests, it performs two important functions at once – cleansing and toning the skin of the face. The product mainly meets the needs of oily and combination skin – due to the zinc content in the formula, the gel normalizes sebum production and dries inflammation. As a result, the skin becomes clean, soft and semi-matte.

As we said above, fruit acids (or AHA acids) are one of the most popular ingredients in cleansers. They help soften skin texture, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and eliminate signs of premature aging. Therefore, the gel is suitable for oily, combination and aging skin. It cleanses gently, does not disturb the pH balance and improves the color and texture of the epidermis.

Peppermint essential oil is a natural antiseptic, so it is often added to products intended to treat acne and inflammation. This is why it is included in the Cosmedix Peeling Gel formula. The product not only removes impurities from the skin and moisturizes it, but also prevents the appearance of inflammatory elements and works with existing ones. In short, it manages to do everything and it does it efficiently.

The Vinopure range focuses on acne-prone skin problems. That’s why the main ingredient of every product in this series is salicylic acid. It has soothing properties and reduces inflammation. For this reason, it can often be found in cosmetic formulas for oily and acne-prone skin. The gel in the Vinopure series gently cleans the pores, reduces excess sebum without drying the skin and prepares the skin for subsequent care.

If we had been asked a year ago about our favorite product, we would have answered without hesitation: Holika Holika universal moisturizing aloe gel. Then the product in a green jar in the form of herbs replaced everything for us – face, body and even hair conditioner. The facial cleansing foam repeats the already familiar shape and looks like a gel, but after applying it to your hands, it turns into a foam that removes dirt, removes make-up and is suitable for all skin types.

The brand name already speaks for itself: Medi (medical) – medical, Peel – clean. All products of the brand contain ingredients that help thoroughly exfoliate and moisturize the skin. For example, the gel formula contains a complex of all acids at once – AHA, BHA, PHA and LHA. It also contains vitamins, herbal ingredients and peptides. The gel removes dead skin cells, brightens, evens out tone and smoothes. Maybe that was the only thing we were missing.

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