How to apply makeup if your skin is peeling? 5 tips from makeup artists

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Dry, flaky skin is a classic in winter. But if on an ordinary day you can apply a nourishing cream on top and forget about the foundation and everything else, then on New Year’s Eve you cannot do this (of course, if you decide to celebrate it in full dress). Apparently revitalizing dry skin and ensuring an even tone is something only a magician can do. Or a makeup artist. We turned to the latter for advice on how to prepare for makeup if there is peeling and unevenness on the face.

Make friends with exfoliating pads

According to Keep Looking “Capital City” eyebrow makeup artist Milana Sokolova, one of the most effective SOS methods before makeup is peeling pads.

Milana Sokolova

“Apply toner to previously cleansed skin and take an exfoliating pad (these are usually double-sided). Go over the entire face with the relief side, slightly increasing the pressure on problem areas, especially with peeling. This will help remove visible flaking and prepare your skin for toning. You then need to turn the pad upside down and use the same system with the moisturizing side.

After treating the skin with exfoliating pads, generously apply a moisturizer or emulsion. This skin preparation does not take much time but is very effective. And another important point is that it is important to allow the skin to absorb moisturizing products before applying tone.”

Remember the most sensitive areas

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Famous makeup artist Olga Romanova, creator and creative director of the Romanovamakyaj brand, recommends that you start your makeup preparation from the eye and lip area.

Olga Romanova

“Use tape around your eyes and apply the balm generously to your lips. We apply a good active moisturizer to the cleansed face and make a light massage along the massage lines to revitalize the skin. After 10 minutes, excess shine can be wiped off with a napkin if necessary.”

Choose your tone

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Olga also recommends choosing a foundation with a light texture and not going overboard with the powder. “If you’ve applied all your foundation and are feeling tightness and discomfort (and this happens all the time in winter), take a little of your favorite nourishing or moisturizing cream, rub it into your palms, and apply on top. “If necessary, work the surface with a brush afterwards,” he advises.

Prefer creamy textures

Cream textures moisturize and allow the skin to breathe, so famous makeup artist Zakhar Grinov recommends using them in winter.

Zakhar Grinov

“Cream blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks are the best choice to create a fresh and natural look. However, you should understand that such products are not suitable for oily skin types. But you can combine them with crumbly textures.”

Refresh your makeup

Another rule that Zakhar follows is to update your makeup throughout the day: “To ensure that your makeup looks fresh and beautiful all day long and your skin is comfortable, do not forget to lightly update it with thermal water, mattifying wipes and a special lotion. fixing spray or powder.

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