5 beauty trends that will stay with us in 2024

Beauty trends are changing one after another. We loved the #strawberrygirl aesthetic and Barbie style in the summer, and now all social networks are full of bows (and not just clothes). While some trends come and go, others are slowly but surely evolving. This is exactly what we will talk about.

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Below, we have summarized five trends that the Cosmetics Industry predicts will continue to gain momentum after 2023:

“Quiet luxury” Adherents of the old money style do not shout about their wealth with the help of brand logos. Instead, they prefer minimalism, classics and quality. By the way, we wrote here what kind of manicure corresponds to this aesthetic.

star flavors. This year, not only Harry Styles but also Victoria Beckham introduced her perfume collection. The popularity of famous fragrances will continue in 2024.

men’s manicure. The men’s nail art trend has been gaining momentum for a long time and will continue at the same pace.

“Scandinavian” color. The main hit of this summer will stay with us for a while. Its original name is scandi hairline, meaning “Scandinavian hair growth line”. In this technique, only baby hairs (short hairs that are just starting to grow, close to the forehead) and the roots of the front hair strands are highlighted. The hair around the face is the lightest and most contrasting.

beauty for adults. It is estimated that the population over the age of 60 will almost double by 2050. For this reason, brands are trying to focus not only on young people but also on older audiences.

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