Jennifer Lawrence responds to plastic surgery accusations

Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance has been actively discussed on the Internet lately. Some Internet users believe that the Hunger Games star used the services of a plastic surgeon. In a new interview, the actor said that this is not the case.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s amazing what makeup can do because that’s what I work with. Hung Vanngo (celebrity makeup artist – Ed.) highlights my lips. I call him a plastic surgeon. The truth is that since I started working with him, everyone believes that I had eye surgery,” the actor explained in an interview with Interview Magazine.

He also noted that age also makes itself felt (he is currently 33 years old). “I started acting when I was 19, so there are a lot of photos of me online between the ages of 19 and 30. And I always say: “I’m old. “As I got older, my face became thinner and changed,” he said.

“Everyone thinks I had a nose job, but I say, ‘I have exactly the same nose.’ My cheeks shrunk. Thank you for bringing this issue up,” the actor finally added.

Let us remind you that the actress became a mother for the first time last spring and her son Sai was born. The child was born to art critic and art agent Cook Maroney. The couple got married modestly in New York in 2018. In an interview, the actress said that she was considering canceling the wedding. “When you don’t fully know yourself, you have no idea where to put yourself. This was the case with me too. “I could barely overcome my desire to give up everything and be alone before the wedding,” the Hunger Games star said.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney. Photo: Legion-media

Source: People Talk

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