Beauty fiasco: How I accidentally shaved my eyebrows

Doja Cat. Photo: Getty Images

The bleached (and sometimes shaved) eyebrow trend has been experiencing a renaissance in the last few years. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Iris Lowe, Doja Cat and other stars managed to try it on themselves. But some of us were following this trend even before it became mainstream, as they say. Today we will hear just such a story. But before we move on to storytelling, let’s give some information about our department. Here girls (anonymously or anonymously) talk about their most embarrassing, funny, unpleasant (or all of the above at once) beauty stories. And we learn from their personal experiences. Now let’s get into the story!

Alina, 35 years old

I was around 16 at the time. Summer. Celebration. I was at the summer house and since I had nothing else to do, I decided to trim my eyebrows a little. I searched the whole house for tweezers, but treacherously they were nowhere to be found. And if I have already decided to do something, I will do it to the end. So… I bought a razor. There was no TikTok back then, no weird tutorials, so I had no idea anything could go wrong.

Only the tip of the eyebrow had to be cut. So I began to do this carefully; I took a razor and began carefully shaving the small hairs under my eyebrows. At one point I got so into it that I accidentally shaved off more than half of my eyebrows. You should have seen me at that moment.

Perhaps the only plus of this situation is that I learned about all the available hair growth products that I currently use. During the time I was growing my hair, I bought everything – nicotinic acid, castor oil, burdock oil, etc. That’s where the advantages end. Luckily, the first of September was still three weeks away, so somehow the hair managed to grow back.

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