Why can’t you tolerate the “baking” of gel polish when drying in a lamp?

A situation that everyone encounters when drying gel polish in a UV lamp is a burning sensation on the nail plate. Why is this happening? Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, gel polish begins to change from liquid to solid state. This chemical reaction is accompanied by the release of heat, so we may feel a burning sensation in the nail plate.

“Legal blonde”

The discomfort may be even more pronounced if the nail plate is very thin, or the artist has applied a thick layer of coating, or the UV lamp is too strong. No matter how hard the gel polish is “baked” it cannot be tolerated. Otherwise, serious burns may occur on the nail plate. It can be recognized by a change in the color of the nail, a burning sensation and discomfort in the nail bed, and peeling of the skin.

If you feel a burning sensation, remove your hand from the lamp and turn it upside down with your nails facing down. Wait until the discomfort subsides and continue the drying process.

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