Main beauty trends: how to paint this spring?

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We will not tire of repeating – naturalness is in trend. And first of all it is about a makeover. A minimum of cosmetics, creamy textures and the effect of wet skin – for make-up you will need no more than 10 minutes. Let’s talk about the main trends of this season.

light tan effect

Kim Kardashian / Photo: social networks
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Bronzers are back. But instead of aggressive contouring and trimming, go with a slightly fluffy brush along the oval of the face and highlight the cheekbones. Choose products with fine shimmer particles to add glow to your skin.

glossy lips

Hailey Bieber / Photo: social networks

If you don’t want to deal with makeup at all, focus on the lips. The most fashionable shades of this season are dark and pink.

graphic arrows

Dixie Damelio / Photo: social networks
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Choose the arrows if you have big plans for the evening. Here the choice is not limited – bright eyelids, unusual shapes. The more original the better. And look for the “I’ll do it this weekend” references in our regular section.


Jennifer Lopez / Photo: social networks

A great replacement for matte lipsticks. Also, the gloss makes the lips visually more voluminous.

natural eyebrows

Kendall Jenner / Photo: social networks

Forget pencils, eyeliners and other tools. Now it is enough to comb the hairs to achieve the effect of intact eyebrows.

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