Is it possible to lose weight with chromium? Nutritionist’s opinion

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Chromium is a microelement involved in many vital processes of the body, including metabolic ones. It is believed that when taken as a dietary supplement, chromium can reduce appetite and suppress cravings for sweets. Therefore, chromium supplements (especially chromium picolinate) are often recommended by nutritionists, and some girls even prescribe it themselves.

Angelina Vodolazka, endocrinologist, nutritionist at Biogena Clinic

How does chromium picolinate help you lose weight?

Insulin is a hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar in the body. One of the biological roles of chromium is to enhance the action of insulin receptors. Thus, a deficiency of a microelement can lead to a violation of the action of the insulin receptor, and subsequently to excess weight. Therefore, chromium is necessary for those with diabetes. It reduces the number of insulin injections.

Another benefit of using chromium for weight management is its ability to reduce sugar cravings. Those who have dieted at least once in their life know how difficult it is sometimes to cope with this craving.

How should it be used?

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The natural source of chromium is food. It is found in broccoli, fish, shrimp, crab, liver, chicken eggs, brewer’s yeast and other foods. A safe daily allowance for chromium is 50–200 mcg. If the diet is devoid of fresh food or there is an increased need for micronutrients (for example, unfavorable environmental conditions), it is better to take additional supplements.

The most common form of chromium is picolinate or aspartate. In this form, it is sufficient to consume the trace element in the amount of 10-20 mcg per day. In diabetes mellitus or obesity, higher doses prescribed based on testing and under medical supervision are required.

Is chromium safe for health?

The norm of physiological needs of chromium in adults is 40 mcg per day. As we have already mentioned, the trace element enters the body with food, but many factors affect its absorption. The bioavailability of chromium, one of the inorganic compounds, is low, only 0.5-1%. In the form of organic compounds such as chromium picolinate, about 20-25%.

Increase chromium absorption:

– parallel intake with ascorbic acid;

– consumption of protein foods.

Reduce chromium absorption:

– consumption of foods high in simple sugar, especially sugary drinks;

– consumption of foods rich in phytate (such as soy, peas, whole grains).

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The amount of minerals in the body is also affected by physiological factors – aging, stress, strenuous physical work, infections and injuries.

In general, it is quite difficult to achieve more than the allowable level of chromium in the body while eating. Therefore, an additional intake of microelements from officially registered dietary supplements within the framework of manufacturers’ recommendations and a doctor’s consultation will be safe.

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