The treatment for frizzy hair that is now being done all over the world

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If there’s one wish that hair experts are used to hearing when a new client comes through their salon, it’s to get a head of hair every day, like they just left the salon. that I reach a finish that lasts over time without the use of any tools capillaries, like flat irons, which damage the hair and also put an end to frizz.

Okay maybe it might be something fanciful, an advertisement for a certain brand and therefore impossible to realize, but the truth is that the world of beauty as we constantly show is evolving as the most and There are many novelties that laboratories get out of simple formulas. When it comes to solving major hair problems such as hair aging, moderate hair loss or frizz, there are many treatments, techniques and products that help us control our hair.

With regard to problems associated with frizz, common among women in the north and becoming more common in the winter season, there are several ways to remedy it with varying degrees of effectiveness. Options such as anti-frizz masks, straightening serums or shampoos that specialize in this effect are the most repeated by consumers. However, if we are looking for a treatment that penetrates completely and lasts for a long time, it is best to visit our trusted salon and opt for a professional anti-frizz treatment.

The key to a foolproof result? Which in the formulation there are straightening active ingredients demonstrated like keratin, which provides hydration, flexibility and makes it easier to smooth the hair. An example of this is the popular Goa Organics Keratin Infusion Treatment which has become the experts’ favorite for the past year due to its wonderful results. A hair care ritual that everyone is talking about and that will make you look like a perfect mane.

This treatment, developed exclusively by Goa Organics, represents a true revolution in hair care, whose innovative formula combines 42 natural active ingredients that a 100% natural smooth effectwithout frizz, it rejuvenates, repairs and provides long-lasting softness and shine, can you believe it?

As Marta G, stylist specialized in colors and treatments at the Blondie Madrid salon, tells us: “Keratin Infusion is the ideal treatment to show off soft, shiny and frizz-free hair. After working with several straightening treatments, KI from Goa Organics is undoubtedly the best, even in humid areas, the hair is smooth and frizz-free.” A ritual that cares for and smoothes your hair like no other and also manages to keep the hair intact for up to 6 months.

But, How is this effectiveness achieved with just one product? Everything is in its complete formula. Thanks to the AHA complex contained in it, this treatment binds to the simple proteins of the hair, promotes the denaturation of the proteins by the acidity and works in synergy with the hair’s natural keratin, sealing and softening the cuticle. And then comes heat contact, where the treatment begins to act on the inner layers of the hair, temporarily changing the structure of the hair to a smoother, shinier and healthier state, Like fresh from the hairdresser!

And best of all, it’s a formaldehyde-free treatment, the formula is 100% vegan, compatible with all hair specifications and even suitable for women in the period of pregnancy, breastfeeding or for those presumed babies who want to start taking care of their hair from an early age. ANDIt’s time to say goodbye to flat irons and dryers and welcome a new hair phase where your hair no longer suffers from that annoying frizz that is more than routine in the winter season.

Source: Marie Claire


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